Analyze open source changes

"If an application works, any change in its libraries or the versions of those libraries can break the application." - virtualenv

Difio keeps track of packages and tells you when they change. After reading the change analytics you can make informed decision when or what to upgrade.

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Medium : 53 % apn-1.4.1 to apn-1.6.2
Low : 5 % parallel_tests-0.16.10 to parallel_tests-1.0.7
Low : 6 % alembic-0.6.3 to alembic-0.6.7
Low : 2 % selenium-2.32.0 to selenium-2.43.0
Low : -1 % selenium-2.35.0 to selenium-2.43.0
Low : -4 % selenium-2.37.2 to selenium-2.43.0
Low : 3 % selenium-2.41.0 to selenium-2.43.0

32424 more analyzed

Change Analytics

Compare arbitrary versions of software packages and see what changed between them.

Supports unlimited applications with no restrictions on package count. Email and RSS notification available.

Improves upgrades and test planning for critical applications!

Multiple Tests

Multiple tests are provided to detect bad packaging practices, potential issues or known bugs.

Some of them are API diff, Package Size Change, Added non-text Files, Virus Scan, Permissions Change.

See for example DIFIO-12243, DIFIO-12987, DIFIO-16005.

Open Source

Difio is a Django based service developed the open source way! Everyone is welcome to join.

All essential components are open source including status dashboard, import and analytics tasks!

Patches are welcome at difio-devel or via our GitHub repository.


To access analytics for packages released during the last week or month you need a subscription.

If you want immediate access to the latest analytics you have to select a more expensive subscription plan!

Free for older packages. Subscription plans start at $ 1/month!

Supported Packages

Python Ruby PHP Perl Node.js Java

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