Difio Is Open Source

@ Apr 9th, 2014

Difio is pleased to announce that we’re now open source! As promised earlier the core service components and functionality have been made available under the Apache Software License.

Difio is a Django based application which keeps track of packages and tells you when they change. It provides multiple change analytics so you can make an informed decision when or what to upgrade.

Difio is relatively large application which contains multiple components. Explanation and example configuration has been provided in the README file. The default settings are made to work on a Linux/Unix system with minimum dependencies on external services. In a production environment you will likely want to change these settings - for example file storage server, messaging layer, email backend and caching layer to name a few.

The core difio/ application contains the logic for comparing package versions and producing analytics between them as seen on It is missing the authentication backend(s) and user profile modules available in our SaaS offering. You will have to plug your own code here.

We encourage developers to download and install Difio on their systems and report bugs and issues to us. For development queries please use the difio-devel group.

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